Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC)
Because WE have the Power to shape our future!

We are a group of people who inhabit, descend from or just love Sifnos.

We have created an innovative social entrepreneurial activity of citizens which welcomes all who wish to promote the economic and social enhancement of the island and its inhabitants.

We envision through a common effort, to take action on socially responsible development and promotion of the island as well as the long-term prosperity of the local community.

Our aim is the green development of the island through the exploitation of renewable energy sources, natural resources, products and services.

All our actions are governed by our values. Respect for the environment, humanity, the island and the local community.
We are committed to sustainable development.


Our purpose is to meet needs that we currently lack, especially in areas such as green energy, environmental protection, tourism, transportation, better production, standardization & distribution of products.


Any adult or legal entity, public or private, can become a member of Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC) on the condition that the interested party meets the requirements of SIC’s constitution and the applicable Greek Legislation for becoming a member in a Civil Cooperative.