How you can become a member
Any adult or legal entity, public or private, can become a member of Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC) on the condition that the interested party meets the requirements of SIC’s constitution and the applicable Greek Legislation for becoming a member in a Civil Cooperative. For the registration of a member, a written application is needed in which it will be declared that he/she accepts the provisions of SIC’s constitution which is in accordance with Greek legislation.

Membership Registration fee and Cooperative shares value

As provisioned in SIC’s Constitution, applicants who wish to become members are required to remit to Sifnos Island Cooperative a one-time registration fee of 60 € and the value of one cooperative share with the possibility to acquire another five optional shares (in total 6 cooperative shares is the current limit provisioned by the applicable Greek legislation). The value of each cooperative share is currently 700€. The registration fee and the total value of the cooperative shares that a membership applicant wishes to acquire are remitted to the Cooperative together with the membership application which is submitted to the Cooperative’s Governing Board for approval. In the Cooperative’s General Assembly meetings each partner member has ONE vote only, irrespectively of the number of shares to be acquired. The value of each cooperative share for the year 2022 is 100€. Download the form here and after completing and signing it, send it to