Our purpose is to meet needs that we currently lack, especially in areas such as green energy, environmental protection, tourism, transportation, better production, standardization & distribution of products.

Our goal is, through a common effort, to be active for the socially responsible development and promotion of Sifnos, as well as the long-term well-being of the local community.


The “Energy and Development Cooperative of Sifnos Coop. Ltd.” is a Civil Cooperative.

A Civil Cooperative combines two key elements: It is firstly a business, but also has social and democratic operating standards and objectives laid down by Greek legislation and statutes.

We chose the form of the Civil Association because it has advantages that Social Cooperatives and Companies do not have. A Civil Cooperative cannot be bought out as can another type of company, however it can develop in the same way as other types of companies.

It is not limited by the laws of a Social Cooperative, which is authorized to distribute profits only under certain conditions. In Civil Cooperatives members themselves decide at the General Meeting, if and how to manage their earnings.